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Dominique's Dishes LLC


Chef Carolyn Kyra "Dominique" Murphy started Dominique’s Dishes in 2012 while traveling around the world she would always take delight in the food wherever she was. Chef Carolyn has been working in the kitchen with her grandparents, parents and other relatives and community. She has always been the go-to for all things culinary from setting up the tables for the youth summer camp program at 7 years old with her paternal grandmother (Sadie Mae Murphy), making breakfast, serving, or catering with her mother (Darlene Starnes) and Aunt Margaret of "Bells, and Roses," in every capacity possible and even helping to cook. Carolyn dove into her own lane after the leadership of her maternal grandfather "James Starnes," executive chef of Picatinny Arsenal in Wharton, New Jersey. Her mother, Darlene Starnes, aunts and uncles and other family and friends. Taking plenty of mental notes along the way learning from those around her, she began to venture out on her own either re-creating or reinventing those dishes she's so adored eating and preparing along the way after high school, family and friends insisted she cook for all events, at least a dish or two or all. So with no hesitation, she did just that "Dominique’s Dishes" was formed. Chef Carolyn has had many accomplishments along her culinary journey. One being the only "on-call" of MSU Michigan State University to create a recipe from scratch "Tomato Jam" to be featured at the breakfast station, where she co-lead and oversaw the venue. Leading her on the journey to become a full-time cook. However, life had other paths for Carolyn to travel.


She loves to ask questions and wonders "why?" With such curiosity, she saw different cultures and they always brought her right back to her own. Whether cooking for community leaders, church events, officiants, basketball teams, weddings, and more, chef Carolyn is always cooking from her soul. Whether it's an intimate dinner, meal prep, celebration, cooking classes, wedding, or personal chef experience, Dominique’s Dishes will be there for you. If you're reading the menu at times, it may be hard to pick one menu item or catering menu because one thing chef Carolyn is going to do is switch it up on you to offer a different experience, if you're looking for just Soul food have another look as the fusions here are always on Chef Carolyn's radar. She may specialize in Soul Food, Italian, American and more but each dish is special from her soul to yours, where the vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, "meat-etarian," keto and more will have dishes to take delight in. Whether it's while teaching children, coaching basketball, or volunteering with local and state organizations, chef Carolyn is always willing to dive in, coming from such strong roots in her hometown community of Morristown, New Jersey. Growing up with "Sickle cell Warrior" as a mother and being a "Sickle warrior" herself, Chef Carolyn spent countless hours, days, and months, in the hospital missing special events, holidays and more. The food wasn't the best, the cafe was closed, or the menu options were sub-par and lacked in feeding the soul. One of the projects Chef Carolyn is cooking up will bring hot home cooked healthy dishes to those who are suffering and their families, a dish that will help heal the body and comfort the soul. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet will help with pain crises, foods rich in calcium, iron, zinc, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats will lead you on your way. Dominique’s Dishes will cook up something just for you.


However, Chef Carolyn didn't stop there. She is now on her own mission to cultivate soul food and Italian bringing dishes, with such fusions as sweet potato pasta, smoked turkey Marshmallow Alfredo topped with cornbread stuffing crumble and a cranberry chutney, one flavorful tantalizing bite of flavors which leave your palate wondering, "is it Thanksgiving? I didn't know Alfredo had marshmallows in it." It doesn't under Alfredo recipes but expect to taste a different and all flavors when chef Carolyn is whipping it up. It's a "Jersey girl with a southern flair." Chef Carolyn will create an experience you won't forget. Chef Carolyn always loves to give back to her community always eager to cook or figure out a way that food must be involved.


Chef Carolyn has had the opportunity to share her dishes with the likes of Tabitha Brown, who shared Dominique’s Dishes and gave a raving review after trying her watermelon peach salad, truffle jerk portabella mushrooms, coconut rice, cabbage and mixed vegetables, "Sunshine pineapple," vegetable Rasta pasta, and a Peach streusel which was vegan. Her creativity has fostered so many other opportunities for her to learn along the way. With experience in school age, secondary, higher learning, hospital, senior care facilities, restaurants, cafes, and more. Chef Carolyn is always looking for ways to elevate and grow from each experience in life.